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The FRESH filter

As part of an integrated external and internal launch campaign for ALDI, the FRESH Filter was launched on Facebook and Instagram. This was just one piece of entertaining and socialproof content that contributed to the bigger picture, ALDI’s “honestly late” arrival on social media. Read on to find out more on the specifics, results and try the filter yourself!

Highlight the freshness

One of ALDI’s recently acquired USP’s is their range of fresh produce and meat. Where in the past consumers could only buy prepackaged fruit and veg, ALDI started selling seperate pieces to expand their offer. This is another extra reason to have consumers make ALDI their only stop for grocery shopping.

To highlight ALDI’s ‘freshness’, we created an awesome augmented reality filter on their Facebook & Instagram accounts which allows users to make their pics and videos look extra fresh as well. This fitted perfectly into our strategy of showcasing ALDI’s arrival on social media, which was admittedly a bit late, but at the same time invigorated that they went for a future-proof approach straight ahead.


The filters are made with three individual colour overlays and sparks that catch the light. Users can tap to change the colour. The first colour overlay works best on objects, the second on faces and the third works its magic on food.

Our goal was to create a filter that would be aesthetically appealing to use and in that way #instaproof, but also looked natural and didn’t completely alter users’ pics, because within our launch concept we opted for the “honestly late” approach that also implied a factor of realness as opposed to #fake.

We’ve promoted our filters on Facebook and Instagram via Instant Experience Ads. These type of ads contain a CTA button that takes users to the camera effect straight away. The filters generated 29.599 impressions.


Want to look more fresh than ever in your pics and videos yourself? Play around with the filter!
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