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ALDI & Tiktok

One of our biggest achievements of 2020 was to add ALDI to the clients portfolio of Pivott. We worked hard to win this pitch and we’re very proud of this collaboration. We managed to create a successful social media campaign through a pandemic, to differentiate our content from other retailers and to communicate on a channel where no else was: TikTok!

The fashionably late arrival of ALDI on social media

Almost all of the other Belgian retailers were already on social media, ALDI was late. That’s how we build our creative concept for the launch campaign: “The fashionably late arrival of ALDI on social media!

We created a social campaign on Facebook & Instagram which was really funny & impactful but we wanted to do more. ALDI was late but now they’re gonna be ahead of everyone else, so we launched a TikTok campaign & a TikTok challenge. TikTok was the latest booming social media platform and ALDI really wanted to rejuvenate its brand image by being active on the youngest and most trending social media platform of the moment. ”


While building the launch campaign, our strategic team made a survey to discover what the consumers love the most at ALDI. The Huggy Bears cookies appeared to be one of the most recognizable hero products from the brand. For many reasons but mainly because of a nostalgic feeling it triggered to our youngster audience. We all loooooooved those cookies in primary school, didn’t we?
It’s from this insight that we imagined the HuggyBear Challenge! Check it out here:

How to create a TikTok ad campaign and a TikTok Challenge?

TikTok advises to ‘not make ads but to do TikTok videos’ and that works! As it was the first time we worked on this channel, we followed the creative playbook to create our own native looking TikTok ad.

1) Huggy Bears were shown from the start as early visibility proves to be a key indicator of performance on TikTok.

2) We’ve chosen to work with TikTok influencers. They created their own TikTok videos using the #huggybearchallenge. They are TikTok creators so we’ve used their knowledge of the format and the platform and their creatives to do our own TikTok compilation ad.

3) We aligned our whole campaign with the TikTok visual and sound culture. It’s always good to use the TikTok assets like filters or trending musics. Don’t forget, the sound is VERY important and key to the creative you want to launch.

4) This is not Instagram. TikTok viewers love raw stuff. To boost authenticity, we’ve added a lot of funny bloopers in our video. Also, don’t make it a high class Adobe Premiere edit, you would only lose credibility, use the TikTok tools. Simplicity is key.

5) Quick tip: did you know that you need to use your phone vertically? Well, that’s also the way you should shoot your video. Not really rocket science right?!

6) Last but not least: talk directly to your audience to engage with them. Don’t be shy, be natural, be yourself and TikTok viewers will love you without any filter.


We are calling on TikTok to allow the Branded Hashtag Challenge in Belgium. Meanwhile our creative Pivotters have worked with an In Feed Auction Ad where our video appears directly in the “For You” feed of the user when swiping through videos of native content creators. To learn more about the different advertising possibilities on TikTok, check out our article here.

We’ve tested 2 different edits, to understand which one was the best performing, so we could optimise our budget according to the results.

According to us, the biggest challenge for brands is to stay loyal to the TikTok formats and making sure that material is specifically created for TikTok and not just a declination of content that has been made for any other platform. In our opinion quality control will become one of the key factors for brands to succeed in impactful TikTok campaigns.

Why did it work?

It worked because we tried to go very native with our video ad. It didn’t feel like advertising thanks to the great advice from the TikTok creative playbook that we followed.
TikTok has for the moment around 2.7 million monthly users in Belgium and is still growing everyday. Since advertising on TikTok is quite new, not a lot of brands have already discovered their way to the platform. Which is a shame because there are a LOT of advantages to use this platform to target a specific audience. You can learn more about this in our general article regarding TikTok Ads.

Do you have an opportunity to do TikTok advertising? Wait no more, contact us!

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“Our campaigns and the way the film studios work demand a high degree of flexibility and creative input from our agencies.

As a result, Pivott has been helping us make a difference with every film release for years.”


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