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How did the game work?

The purpose of the game was to collect discounts (resembled in the form of icons). When a clutter of similar bubbles was shot, space opened up so the discounts fell. When all discounts were collected, the game was completed! A subsidiary question then popped up asking: “How many people participated in this weeks competition?”. Before playing, people had to choose their favorite destination: Canada or USA. Depending on their choice, they would see bubbles in the form of donuts (USA) or maple leafs (Canada). After the game, players were encouraged to fill in their data to be able to win.

  • More than 32.000 people visited the game
  • 14.281 came through display ads
  • 9.182 by a link shared by friends on Messenger or Whatsapp
  • The campaign ran for 7 weeks
  • 9.395 players completed it
  • There were 53 winners

Social media is not a  media.
The key is to listen, engage,
and build  relationships.

David Alston

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