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Music mAIstro is a kind of toolbox that provides AI-driven personalized tweet replies. The reply contains a part of a music lyric that matches the mood of the tweet. It also includes a Spotify link so that people can immediately listen to the song, and a link to the full lyrics. And the cherry on the cake, if the artist played on one of the festivals sponsored by Proximus, a hashtag of that festival is added next to #Proximus and #CloseToMusic. Pivott could have hired people to do all this manually but it would have been a titanic job and thanks God they used the ultimate technology mix! The different technological tools of Music mAIstro work together in concert: one checks the politically-correctness of the language, a second one makes sure the reply is in the right language, a third one constantly scans the top hit artists database, and the last one looks for tweet-keywords matching lyrics-keywords.


To kick off the campaign, we replied to tweets of influencers and celebrities, like Eden Hazard or Donald Trump, to get the buzz going. It was a simple yet effective way to create awareness around music mAIstro. Then, during one month, we had a social campaign with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram image and video ads focused on awareness and consideration with the message: Music mAIstro brings you #CloseToMusic. In the end, we got 317.000 impressions, analysed 139.680 tweets and replied to 6.504.

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