A festival summer
full of content for Proximus:
social campaigns reached 40.000+

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During 3.5 months, a multi-channel festival campaign focussed on brand awareness and brand consideration with a coherent message: Proximus brings you close to music. Social, digital and offline media were combined and loaded with content with a subtle wink towards millennials.


From insider tips on how to survive the festivals, to Qualifio quizzes & automatic replies on Facebook or from music lists on Spotify to labyrinth games on Instagram Stories. Seeing our content was inevitable. Our Rock Werchter post for example explaining the AR module had a reach of 44.497 people, with 9117 unique views (3sec). Even better was our ‘Chacun son Doureeeuuuh’ video where quick, snappy and edgy questions were fired towards festival visitors (reach 81.600, 13.192 views longer than 3sec).


During the take-off phase, a festival ticketing contest was launched containing over 600 musical questions hosted on a responsive platform. With more than 215.000 playing sessions, the results of this game exceeded the predetermined expectations. Someone even managed to play 1356 times: that must be a pretty addictive game, right? Email: Confirmation win or lose of the ticket contest For each festival following, Pivott distributed content in 3 engaging phases: before (excitement, teasing), during (real-time reporting) and after (what you’ve missed, or to look back).


During the festivals, we even stepped up our game. For those who couldn’t be there, Proximus – and their latest brand EPIC – reported live with colorful Instagram Stories, posted videos of f.e. the festival booth experience (71.992 reached, 27.343 views longer than 3sec) and were even present on bigger platforms such as IGTV, TV and HLN.BE. With content presented by influencers, executed by Medialaan and created by Pivott, we found the perfect combination.


We extended the festival feelings as long as possible by covering the (social) media landscape as broad as possible: we published after snippets (RW: Reach 140.771, 64.692 views longer than 3sec) and videos on HLN.BE, were present at Q2 at the festivals, television and spreaded video compilations via our media buying agency.


For the last festival, being Pukkelpop, we even combined social with activation: fans or non-followers were notified by animated ads [and organically] that PKP-tickets were to be won. How? Discover the exact location of the secret gig of Portland by discovering the tips in Instagram Stories and livestream, arrive their as one of the first 60 attendees (together with your toothbrush) and go home with your duo-ticket. This kind of content and challenges really appealed to our target audience since all PKP-tickets were gone in no time. A festival summer full of content was one to never forget.

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As a result, Pivott has been helping us make a difference with every film release for years.”


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