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Have you been naughty or nice?

The concept is really simple: people have to tag a friend or themselves to get a personalized reply. For example, we did one of Saint Nicholas on December 6th. discover if they have been nice or naughty during the year. When doing so, they got a personalized visual. A ‘handwritten card’ by the Holy Man with their picture and a naughty/nice stamp on it. The whole process was automated, we only had to design the visual of the post and write copy for the people being tagged. After that, our web developer took care of the tech stuff. A special message to Saint Nicholas: We’ll sure be checking our chimney on the 6th of December for some well deserved gifts!


It was the first time that we did something like that on the Proximus page and it actually exceeded our expectations. In total, 13.357 people tagged a friend of theirs in the comments. That’s an amazing amount of participants if you know the post wasn’t even boosted! With the same non-boosted post, we reached 669 889 people on Facebook.


We did the same thing for Netflix, promoting their acclaimed series ‘The Crown’ with an automatic reply. When typing ‘QUEEN’ or ‘KING’ in the comments, people discovered their name as a king or a queen respectively. It’s still going on at the moment, so we don’t have concrete results yet. One thing is for sure, though: we liked it and want to do more automatic replies in the future.

People don’t buy
what you do,
they buy why
you do it.

Simon Sinek

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