285% increase in digital share
and 13,3% increase in clients
for Proximus

Creative and content marketing | Digital Production | Social Media Marketing

Millennials love to use social media, music & videos as much as possible. With Epic Beats as the first offer, millennials can use endless data for the most popular social & music apps. The agency briefing was ambitious. The launch needed a boost in communication with personalisation as a must. The campaign aimed at record sales for this new offer. The key KPI was to Increase:

  • 1. The digital share – target index 100.
  • 2. Expand the number of clients – target index 100

We kicked off with an influencer campaign to deliver personalised messages to the audience. Macro influencers were offered an Epic box with a smartphone, a subscription and were invited to share their most epic moment. For the Flemish speaking audience, we realized Laura Tesoro’s most epic moment, an exclusive rooftop concert (on the Proximus towers) for her fans! More than 86,000 people watched this video on Instagram.

The French speaking side of Belgium got mobilised by a candid camera video of Lufy&Enzo who pranked clients in the shop. This in collaboration with SIA (the inhouse production company of Proximus) and a top director in the genre, Sébastien Rensonnet. The video reached a record: more than 1,660,000 views on YouTube!

24 micro influencers teased their community via their own social profile, everyone of them reaching around 2,350 people on social channels and inspiring followers to take part in the contest to win their own epic moment. As a result, the epic voting website reached more than 2,500 participants.

But what’s better than to initiate the launch with a real launch event on the very first day? By inviting 15 influencers, we could reach 21,300 people who enjoyed a morning boat party, set up by Fast Forward as an event partner. All was shared and communicated to our target group by the influencers. The stunt of Laura Tesoro, but also this launch event, were both massively picked up by the press.

After the kick off, the digital campaign was launched, highlighting the functional product advantages on social, display and video. At the same time we launched a TV-spot that people could relate to as simple, yet great epic moments supported by a great beat. Finally, as Millennials love music, we also produced a Spotify spot, clarifying how Proximus Beats offers the chance to endlessly enjoy their favorite tunes. The music from the television spot was used in the ad to create consistency throughout the campaign.

The KPIs were significantly overachieved! Increase the digital share : +285% above target Expand the number of clients : +13,3% above target Additionally, consumer research performed by CMI revealed spontaneous brand awareness of 7% after only 4 weeks of campaign.

Content marketing is like
a first date. If you only talk
about yourself, there won’t be
a second one.

David Beebe

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