2.5M reached
in Belgian for Connections

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When the timing is right

By the end of 2019, Connections went on a new adventure when they did a rebranding of their whole identity. We hopped on board and launched a branding & awareness campaign about this new style and messaging to get the word out! From now on, if you were looking for intense travel experiences, Connections is the place to be! Well, actually they always were 😉 but the focus was put more on the intensity of travelling. In everything we do, timing is one of the most important criteria to take into account. We decided to communicate about the new visual strategy and messaging during an off-period. We were thus the only travel agency to launch an advertising campaign at that time. When everyone was silent, we roared. And that was a winning choice!


As said, our communication campaign focused mostly on the unique and intense experiences of travelling: think short trips across the world filled with incredible and exclusive activities. Going to New York for 3 days, discovering the secret places with a native, doing a tour of the city but in an helicopter! Everything you can dream of made possible. This rebranding and focus was highlighted through several actions: social posts, but also an online contest to win an exclusive getaway to New York. Thanks to this ‘Intensity Breaks’ campaign, we managed to create brand awareness during a normally content-low month.

Top of mind

Because of the ‘Intensity Breaks’ campaign, we were at the moment when we launched the second campaign already a ‘top of mind’ brand. ‘Book & Pay’ was launched during the sales period with 500 destinations in promo which included hotels, flights, tours, rental cars, travel experiences and activities ; the whole package for a perfect intense trip. The first wave of reductions was focused on specific deals within the ‘Intensity Breaks’ umbrella such as New York, Bangkok, Montreal or Antilles. Then, we expanded the offer on to other dreamy destinations. Each week a new wave started with new promos for new destinations.


The online cruise we took with this two-phased campaign was amazing: the CPC was really good with an average of 0.26€ and 100.000 landing page views. Next to this, the CPM was also satisfying with an average of 1.04€. The combination of these two campaigns was really successful! We could use all the data gathered with the ‘Intensity Breaks’ to do retargeting for the ‘Book & Pay’ according to the destination and/or a last chance offer to create an urgency feeling. In total, we reached 2.5M of unique people in Belgium which is huge. We’ve been working with Connections for several years now, and they were so pleased with the results achieved in 2019 that they foresaw an increase in media budget by 300% for 2020. Do you want to have a better overview about our 2019 work with them? Here’s a must-watch video for you:

People don’t buy
what you do,
they buy why
you do it.

Simon Sinek

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