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Launched two years ago in the US, Google’s job, or also called Google career, aggregator finally starts in Belgium as well.
Google’s strategy of being ubiquitous is well known. Since long ago, Google already started to enrich its own results by providing customers with information directly available in the search results pages. For example, if you type a formula directly into the search box, Google will provide you with the answer right under your query.

Using Structured data, also known as schema or markup allows search engines to further understand, organize and display your content.

One of the easiest ways to structure data on your website is to use Google’s own tool, called the Structured Data Markup Helper. It is free and can be accessed by anyone on any web page, so any information that could simply appear in the footer of a web page would work for human visitors

You don’t need much technical knowledge to use this. One of the easiest ways to structure data on your website is to use Google’s own tool, called the Structured Data Markup Helper or other free tools available online, read down below for an example.

Google Search For Jobs, easy and free

As usual, Google is simplifying the whole process. Indeed, this functionality aggregates a multitude of job search online platforms at the same place. Giving job seekers a unique place that gathers all the information for their future career.


You can also refine your search by choosing, for example:

  • The category
  • The location
  • The type of contract (full-time, part-time, contractor, …)
  • The type of company you want …

What’s more? If you’re already logged in to your Google account, you can also save your favourite posts and receive new ones in your gmail account.

How do you post an ad if you are a recruiter?

Obviously, Google doesn’t automatically index every ad posted on all company sites. Well, that’s not quite true …
It is possible to structure your ad on your own site so that Google automatically indexes the information needed to publish your ad.

For this, it is possible to use tools such as the Schema Markup Generator.The latter will allow you to enter the information of the position and generate the equivalent code. Then it’s up to you to integrate it correctly into the code of your site.

The other solution is to include your vacant position in the index of recruitment sites already used by Google For Jobs. Some of them offer this as an option, paid or not.

If you would like to integrate this functionality into your site or for any other SEO advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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