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The Covid-19 crisis has brought huge changes to our lives and people have had moments of hesitation about changing jobs. It has become increasingly difficult for our client Adecco to find suitable candidates.

With the help of Pivott, Adecco, the world’s leading provider of HR services, has achieved its goal of attracting an additional 4,000 (+40%) candidates by the end of 2021. We chose a full-scale campaign consisting of two stages.


“Starting with this project, we analyzed Adecco’s voice share, which was far below its fair share compared to its major competitors. In Belgium, Adecco invested much less in Google, Facebook, Instagram than its peers.

If we consider total share of voice, the gap widens even more. Adecco and Pivott did not hesitate to take on the challenge and, to reverse the trend, developed a complete funnel strategy.”


For the first phase of the plan, Pivott worked on an exclusively digital campaign, oriented SEO/SEA/Social in order to amplify the spontaneous notoriety of Adecco on the Belgian market of job seekers. The first dive of the strategy was aimed at active workers.

It was a battle for the same profiles as Adecco’s competitors to reach their target audience.

  • Google optimisation score went up to 85%, started at 62.5%
  • Audience segmentation: setup of several audiences based on behavior, profile and whether or not they applied for a job. We also used a first-party data in a privacy-safe way to connect with existing users and build look-a-like audiences.
  • Cover all relevant and keywords: full setup of general campaigns for topics with the highest potential. The general campaigns now account for 60% of the applications via Google Ads. We used search trends and the info from the vacancies to focus on the most-wanted jobs.
  • Increase reach: Additional « general » campaigns using a combination of general keywords to make the landing page as relevant as possible. After two weeks, 10% of the volume of applications via SEA comes from these campaigns.
  • Internal recruitment: Setup search, discovery and video campaign to drive traffic. Target relevant visitors from other relevant websites.

For the second phase, the objective was to influence the “hesitant”, people looking for a change in their life, without however actively looking for another job. It was therefore necessary to inspire them and encourage them to visit the Adecco website.

For this, Pivott has created an impactful radio campaign with the help of its partners Spaakgebek and Space. Broadcast on traditional networks in the North and South of the country, with a format of 10 and 25 seconds, this was also an opportunity for Adecco to be present for the first time on Spotify. The campaign was combined with a contest that allowed people who found a job through Adecco to win an all-in vacation.

The creative idea behind it was to use irritating sounds (metro sounds, bus, machine/production sounds) slowly switching to sea waves sounds. Searching for a job that fits you better? Take off with Adecco: find your perfect job and win a dream vacation! Take a chance now!


Red ocean strategy
The optimisations started in June. After 7 months of Google Ads campaigns, we doubled the number of applications (15.464) via the Adecco.be website at a CPA of €5,47 (ie. 25% lower than target). with 3,752 contracts signed, which is an increase of 47% compared to the same period last year.

Blue ocean strategy
Radio campaign finally started end of January 2022 increasing significantly the amount of applications.

What our clients say

“Our campaigns and the way the film studios work demand a high degree of flexibility and creative input from our agencies.

As a result, Pivott has been helping us make a difference with every film release for years.”


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