Digital Production | Social Media Marketing
May 2018

A video campaign on social media was the best way to reach millennials. According to a survey done by Deloitte, 79% of students use social media on their phone every day. That’s why we shared our videos on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. After A/B testing different messages, we created some custom audiences to target and retarget millennials who were interested in the three categories mentioned above. When they watched 3 seconds of our video on Facebook or Instagram, we sent them a message with the features of Mobilus. Afterwards, they got to see a landing page with a special offer or a web deal.

That landing page was made to entice millennials to buy Mobilus. It had the features listed again, as well as some user stories and all of the apps they could get free data for.

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Dave Elzinga

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