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In 2018 and 2019, Belgian bank ING launched campaigns for its Home & Family Insurance, but it wasn’t satisfied with the results. And we don’t want to keep a lion hungry, do we? So in 2020, Pivott stepped in! Due to our in-depth performance marketing expertise, the famous orange lion decided to hunt together with us to breathe new life into their social media campaign for the Home & Family Insurance. Don’t worry, no blood was shed, but a significant bite definitely boosted results!

What did ING need exactly? Social media content that was social proof and impactful to lead more traffic to their landing pages, which would lead to achieving their main objective of reaching 85% of Digital Sales.


And so we went to work. Stunning visuals? Check! Fun copy? Double check! And speaking of doubles, the results exceeded ING’s expectations because there were more than 1,2k online registrations. That’s twice as many compared to 2019! Furthermore, we analysed that most traffic was happening on mobile devices, but conversions were mainly made on desktop. Not a big surprise, since the process of choosing an insurance company can be quite hectic. Our digital know-how made sure that we could attract the right audience on social media and especially mobile devices, and that registrations were completed on desktop. This led to more traffic and more conversions.


As ING was more than satisfied with the great results booked by our performance marketing expertise, they decided to challenge our creative team for a second campaign. So the hunt continued! For this creative social media campaign, ING wanted to spread a message of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. A message that it’s still possible to achieve your dreams. ING supports all dreamchasers and aims to turn dreams into reality.


To spread this positive message, we looked at ING’s slogan “Do your thing” and their positioning “Whatever moves you, we’ll make banking frictionless”. With these in mind, we were on the hunt for relevant insights. We decided to spark up people’s passions with encouraging words to just go for it. Sometimes it’s time to slow down, but other times you have to take that leap of faith. Are you passionate about traveling? Begin with your own country! Do you really love music? Start your own band! Is everyone telling you that your cakes are oh so tasteful? Open your own bakery! And while people were getting pumped to chase their dreams and ready to take action, ING was right there beside them, with insurances at hand.

So do you need to optimize your social media campaign or are you aiming to launch a new one?
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“Our campaigns and the way the film studios work demand a high degree of flexibility and creative input from our agencies.

As a result, Pivott has been helping us make a difference with every film release for years.”


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