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Proximus had a clear main objective for its next campaign: make the company stand out from the crowd with a creative holiday content. Instagram is the third most used social network in the world where users are adding more and more stickers to their stories every day. In these numbers, our creative team found the right inspiration and started creating some unique Instagram stickers for Proximus. This way Proximus was able to celebrate the end of the year together with its clients.

Looking at the Instagram trends we saw that hearts were the most appreciated and shared stickers by users. So what’s better than creating Proximus branded heart among the 13 Christmas themed gifs? Every sticker out of 13 had completely been created inside the agency. One of the great Pivott designers hand-designed them all following this holiday theme. We’re proud of you, Victor!

Once the designers job was over we uploaded the 13 stickers on Giphy making hem available inside the Snapchat and Instagram stories’ GIFs. To inform people about the stickers, on the launching day (10th of December), we posted both on Facebook and Instagram a video showing all the GIFs and explaining how to find and share them.

Giphy also made it possible for us to choose several keywords for each sticker. In this way, when people looked for GIFs on Instagram or Snapchat they could easily find our content (not only by typing “Proximus” but also doing a more common research like, for example, “Christmas tree”, “Santa Claus” or “toast”). If you’re curious, you can always still have a look on the two socials just by writing “Proximus” during your GIFs’ research. Still feeling christmassy? Don’t hesitate to pimp you your stories with Proximus stickers!

The results made us understand that this engaging campaign was a real success: every GIFs among the most used 5 has reached in just few weeks more than 1 million views. The 2 most used stickers both exceeded 3.450.000 views. Proximus was very happy that by creating simple yet amusing content like stickers, their brand could easily be related to client’s fun and entertainment.

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“Our campaigns and the way the film studios work demand a high degree of flexibility and creative input from our agencies.

As a result, Pivott has been helping us make a difference with every film release for years.”


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