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Great food should look good too!

That’s why Santa Maria & Pivott joined forces to boost the company’s Pinterest pages. For the Scandinavian brand that’s all about creating food that’s far from boring, Pivott provided exquisite images and content on their Pinterest pages, amping up the customer interactions, page views and reach. Within the first six months of actively using the platform, over 11m impressions were already reached!


Of the more than 442 million users, or Pinners, that are on Pinterest every month, 98% report trying new things they find on the platform. That’s a whole lot of people looking for inspiration. Luckily, inspiration is exactly what Santa Maria is all about. The brand is in fact on a mission to end boring meals everywhere! With Pinterest revolving around great visually appealing and highly inspiring content, it was a match made in heaven. Pivott got to work to reach the Dutch and French speaking parts of Belgium with organic as well as promoted content.


Based on the delicious recipes that Santa Maria features on their website, a monthly media strategy and insights about Pinterest’s best practices, boards and pins are regularly added and boosted to appeal to possible Pinners. By reusing pins on multiple boards and dividing them over different categories, we manage to provide more structured, relevant and made-easy content. And over the first six months of actively using Pinterest, we’ve already clearly seen that the content continues to appeal to an engaged audience.


When comparing the first month of advertising (April 2020) to the sixth (September 2020), monthly impressions were more than trippled to 4.73m, total audience has more than doubled to 1.26m and the number of engagements have more than quadrupled to 92k. The top performing Pin of vegetarian burrito’s with goat cheese, amassed almost 220k impressions and sent almost 2k people to the Santa Maria website. The corresponding top performing board, Tex Mex Burrito’s, delivered over 12k engagements and made sure that over 4k Pinners landed on a Santa Maria recipe on their website. Pivott & Santa Maria: fighting boring food, one Pin at a time!

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