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The Secret Life of Pets from Sony

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We were in for a treat, thanks to Universal Movies (daughter brand of SONY), because the sequel to our favorite pet movie was here to brighten up our Summer holiday. To engage potential viewers and to keep the attention of people who went to see the movie we created always-on social media posts on the movie page. But as we wanted to add an extra fun factor, we created a little game for people to enjoy. A game by which the audience would feel closer to its favorite movie characters.

Ever wondered which personality traits you share with your pet or favorite movie character? Why not find out both! We created a quick and fun personality test using Qualifio to make it the best test it could be.


Starting on June 26st, about a week before the release of the movie, users could find out which movie character they shared the most personality traits with by answering five simple questions. Going from things like ‘how would your friends describe you’ to ‘which of these songs do you like the most’ with said songs integrated via a Spotify embed. The result would let you know which of the five main characters you relate to the most.

This personality test was not only fun to participate in, it was also something fun to share with your friends. We engaged about 12.000 Dutch speaking and 11.000 French speaking viewers to participate, out of which almost 80% completed the test. Us Pivotters really enjoyed creating this fun gamification project and are already looking forward to the next one!

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