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Hey peeps! Are you aware? Today is a very special day for all of us, social media lovers. It’s SOCIAL MEDIA DAY! For this occasion, we took all of our Pivotters for a time travel into digital space. Do you remember your first social media experience? It was ages ago we know… Discover with all of us our funny anecdotes!

For a lot of us, our digital lives began with channels like MSN (is it actually a real social media? The term might not even have existed back then?!) Do you remember the nicknames we would invent with looooooots of emojis or weird letters, of course ALWAYS with your year of birth! Like: J3nniif3r_X95, we were the cool kids, no?!

And the log in/log out tactic when you saw your crush was online so he or she would have notifications from you every 5 seconds?! Good times, right?

Of course, what would be a social media throwback if we didn’t speak about Skyblog?! Our old digital diary. How do you feel about looking back at it? Some walks of shame were done at the agency, we have to admit… We had some crazy laughs finding our old pictures and those romantic/enigmatic quotes everywhere. What were we thinking…

Lots of others could join the list but for the next one we chose: My Space! We don’t even remember exactly what we did there… Something with music? We could talk to people for sure! But the rest… Oops too long ago!

And then, the hard truth hit us… The first social media that our new colleague Cato discovered back in the days was… FACEBOOK! Can you imagine how old we’re feeling right now?! Luckily, we could all laugh finding back our old status like “Going for a walk” or “Is sad.” Did we really expect an answer from someone?!

This huge throwback made us realize for how long social media and digital interactions were part of our lives. But what about today? We asked some questions to our team to know more about their digital likes!

Instagram is by far the favorite social media in the agency. Full of inspiration, visually attractive and so much fun to scroll through it. Be careful you’ll lose track of time liking every makeup tutorial or those holiday pictures!

But what is the most iconic thing about any social media platform? The EMOJIS of course! We selected our 5 fav’ emojis. What do you think?

So yeah, this throwback was not pretty for everyone… But what we all agree on is that we don’t want to lose all of those memories out of sight. Yep, sometimes we’re ashamed of what we posted 10 years ago but who cares when you can laugh so much about it now?!

Social media is not a  media.
The key is to listen, engage,
and build  relationships.

David Alston

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