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How does it feel to give your career as a digital marketeer a new, more meaningful direction?

And to develop yourself at Pivott, in a professional environment where people really come first, where values of respect, passion and communication serve performance and success, and not the other way around?

Where permanent training, the best tools & tech and an incredibly fun family atmosphere make every Pivotter happier day in and day out?

Where, apart from an ultra competitive compensation package, you also get a lot of extra legal benefits, unlimited access to our amazing gym (with separate showers), the yoga courses, our pool and foosball tables, free coffee from freshly ground beans, snacks and softs as much as you can eat, but also free fresh fruit every day, and all those little touches and little parties that make your life suddenly more colourful.

We are looking for the next happy Pivotter for the open role of Digital Creative in our social media agency in Vilvoorde, a very important position with far-reaching autonomy to work at our biggest (and coolest) customer, Aldi.
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More details below (if you have the courage to read it)


Pivott is an innovative and growing Belgian digital agency with offices in Brussels, Amsterdam and Luxembourg, specialised in creating and producing personalised marketing solutions through advanced AI-driven technologies.

Our Pivotters serve prestigious clients from various sectors (ALDI, Di, Connections, Santa Maria, Sony Pictures, La Redoute and ING to name a few) helping brands to build and activate their online presence and impact their sales upwards.

Pivott has a proven performance track and been awarded recently with a Gold Amma Award, a Silver Mixx Award, a Bronze Mixx Award and a Bronze Effie Award.

About you

You’re like a 10 year old in disguise: you look like an adult, act like an adult but you have the unlimited creativity and imagination of a child! You don’t just think outside the box…You see what’s in it, what’s around and even what you can do with the box! You know how to spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, because you’re awesome like that (and copywriting is kind of your thing). Social media is your playground, technology is your best friend, one you never get tired of!


> You genuinely love to create new ideas and concepts that resonate with consumers’ habits and desires.

> You are able to identify striking consumer insights and translate them into meaningful creative concepts and stories, thus, building campaigns or just brilliant ideas!

> You’re a magician with words. Spelling and punctuation have no secrets for you. But it doesn’t just end there: You like visuals, video, design and can easily explain what you have in mind to a design team.

> Presenting is in your blood, you don’t just ‘tell’ a story…You make it come alive!

> If you need to stand on your head to get the creativity flowing, we don’t care how it happens, as long as you get the job done!


> A bachelor’s degree in communication, combined with a first successful experience in digital/social media as a creative (Unless you were born this way?!).

> You are a native French or Dutch speaker. You can write and speak in English.

> A (true) passion for social media and everything digital. Knowledge in AI and generally in technology is a plus.

> You’re a team player (you already have 3 creative buddies cheering for you) but you’re also able to work independently.

> Certainly a plus: knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Indesign or any creative tool.


> As one of the fastest growing digital creative agencies in the country, we offer awesome conditions and you get to work with amazing clients

> An attractive salary package in line with your job responsibilities

> A buzzing work environment with fantastic colleagues

> A real “work hard, play hard” culture with the occasional pizza & movie night

> Unlimited access to the coffee machine

> If you’re brave enough, you can join the elite club of pool players

> And if you like to pump it up, you can enjoy our very own fitness room

Pivott is

Fun fact

A motivated team

Sorry for the cheesy motivational quote, but teamwork really does make the dream work. It also makes work a lot more fun. So if you join Pivott, expect a welcoming team of happy-to-help colleagues. Our three main values of respect, communication and passion, might have something to do with that. Because in the end, we’re not a team because we work together. We’re a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Couldn’t resist getting another Pinterest-worthy quote in there. Sorry.

Fun fact

Of eager employees

As technology and social media keep on constantly evolving, so do we. On top of continuously expanding our broad digital and social skills, every Pivotter is supported in developing a specific in-depth expertise. The result? T-shaped multi-talents. So whether you’re a graphic designer that also wants to become a marketing automation expert, a social media manager that’s into gamification or a different talent eager to learn about the next big digital thing, we’re already on board.

Fun fact

That work hard

Every day, we put our Pivottness, Passion and Talent in everything we do. Check out some of our inspiring cases here and see for yourself how we help our clients stand oud in an overcrowded social and digital world.

Fun fact

And maybe play even harder!

Yes, the rumours are true. We do have a fitness area, a pool table, a sunny rooftop terrace, kick-ass teambuildings, crazy office parties, cheery TGIF’s and an endless supply of delicious snacks that taste even better when they’re shared. So what are you waiting for? Come say hi!

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