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Account manager


Pivott is an innovative and growing Belgian digital agency with offices in Brussels, Amsterdam and Luxembourg, specialised in creating and producing personalised marketing solutions through advanced AI-driven technologies.

Our Pivotters serve prestigious clients from various sectors (ALDI, Di, Connections, Santa Maria, Sony Pictures, La Redoute and ING to name a few) helping brands to build and activate their online presence and impact their sales upwards.

Pivott has a proven performance track and been awarded recently with a Gold Amma Award, a Silver Mixx Award, a Bronze Mixx Award and a Bronze Effie Award.

As an Account Manager, you build long-term relationships with our clients and become their trusted advisor for all digital marketing related activities. You develop and coordinate digital marketing projects in partnership with your clients and ensure that they are completed on time and within budget.

You work closely with our strategists, designers, creatives, social media managers and developers. You collaborate with the whole team and the Senior Account Manager to manage daily tasks.

You are well-organized, detail-oriented, and possess excellent oral and written communication skills in Dutch (required), English (required) and French (is a plus) .


Project Manager: you create quotations and follow-up on budgets. You manage projects and campaigns from start to finish. You transform the briefing from the client into a structured briefing for the strategic, design, social and creative teams. You have a proactive winners mentality and you’ll always get the job done in time and with respect to budget.

Business Manager: as lead point of contact, you build mutual business growth whilst developing strong relationships with your clients. We are paid by our clients to help them grow their business, their success is ours. You agree on clearly defined business and communication KPIs and on specific project objectives, and you represent at all times the clients’ interests inside Pivott and the agency’s interests at clients and prospects.

Quality Gatekeeper: you make sure that the highest quality standards of Pivott are met at all times.

Team Player: you are able to work autonomously and have a strong sense of teamwork. You interact internally in a fluid and communicative way with all involved stakeholders. You are able to give a helping hand when needed, and you show no hesitation to call on the team to help you out when required.

Born Diplomat: when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! You know how to handle tense situations and always work towards solutions with a positive mindset.

True Pivotter: you understand that we are living in turbulent times which require a high level of adaptability, a flex mindset and a continuous learning attitude. You will participate actively in the development of the agency skills with respect for our core values.


A young, flexible, super dynamic and attractive working environment with amazing colleagues, great clients and fascinating brands to work for

A full remuneration package in line with your experience and your responsibility

Unlimited access to coffee, our fitness room and pool table

And so much more …

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Pivott is

Fun fact

A motivated team

Sorry for the cheesy motivational quote, but teamwork really does make the dream work. It also makes work a lot more fun. So if you join Pivott, expect a welcoming team of happy-to-help colleagues. Our three main values of respect, communication and passion, might have something to do with that. Because in the end, we’re not a team because we work together. We’re a team because we respect, trust and care for each other. Couldn’t resist getting another Pinterest-worthy quote in there. Sorry.

Fun fact

Of eager employees

As technology and social media keep on constantly evolving, so do we. On top of continuously expanding our broad digital and social skills, every Pivotter is supported in developing a specific in-depth expertise. The result? T-shaped multi-talents. So whether you’re a graphic designer that also wants to become a marketing automation expert, a social media manager that’s into gamification or a different talent eager to learn about the next big digital thing, we’re already on board.

Fun fact

That work hard

Every day, we put our Pivottness, Passion and Talent in everything we do. Check out some of our inspiring cases here and see for yourself how we help our clients stand oud in an overcrowded social and digital world.

Fun fact

And maybe play even harder!

Yes, the rumours are true. We do have a fitness area, a pool table, a sunny rooftop terrace, kick-ass teambuildings, crazy office parties, cheery TGIF’s and an endless supply of delicious snacks that taste even better when they’re shared. So what are you waiting for? Come say hi!