Acquire more customers at a lower cost through digital cashback

Empowering brands to drive engagement and sales through digital sampling. 

Why ValYu?

ValYu allows you to drive customer engagement at a much cheaper cost than many other platforms.

  • Personalize your brand experience and grow direct sales with attractive cash back rewards.
  • Get a full support during your campaign and monitor results in real time.
  • Take advantage of newly acquired customers to expand your brand footprint with cost-effective (re)marketing. 
The ValYu platform
Boost customer LTVCustomers want to connect. What better way to engage them with your brand directly by offering them to try out your products for free (or at reduced cost)? Start the conversation and build a personalised conversation over the longer termand remarket engaging content and new offers to build a durable loyalty relationship.

Grow your sales and revenueAs a consumer brand, through ValYu, you have a direct access to promoting and selling your brand without having to ask for permission of your direct sales channels. You can test out as many scenarios as you want and optimise conversions all along.  In the end, thanks to data acquisition and data intelligence building up, you expand your footprint in the market and your sales and profitability are boosted ahead of your competitors.

Increase your conversion rate Applying the classical funnel marketing principles like your competitors are doing is costing a lot of money. Investing in visibility and hoping that at the end, transactions will follow is an expensive dream. With ValYu, you can leverage the full power of direct-to-consumer digital cashback and couponing and experience spectacular conversion rates at a much lower cost than the existing platforms.

your KPIs

In 2024 the suppression of 3rd party cookies will make it more difficult to target specific audiences. In parallel, customers prefer to connect with brands offering personalised content and exclusive privileges.

How does it work?


1 - Together, we identify your specific needs in a comprehensive briefing document that highlights the commitments, work process and budget before we start

2- We then create a custom creative campaign with formatted digital advertising assets, content and a dedicated landing page on the ValYu platform tailored to your brand identity

3 -Upon your approval, we plan the campaign, we closely monitor its performance and continuously optimise its impact.

4 - Once the campaign is completed, we provide you with a final report and recommendations for future remarketing purpose.

Your business has gained new customers. A virtuous cycle of business acquisition and growth starts.


1 - Triggered through social media ads, target consumers click and complete their profile on the landing page of the ValYu platform.

2- Once registered, they can upload their purchase ticket on the platform. ValYu reads the ticket, identifies all information and validates instructions for payment. In case of incomplete registration, the ValYu contact center will contact the participants and ensure completion for final validation.

3- Consumers get their refund on their bank account within 6 weeks after the upload.

4- Since all personal data are GDPR proof (opt-in/opt-out), repeat marketing actions can reinforce the bonding and activate further transactions at a much lower cost.

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