Selling houses online is a challenge Pivott happily takes on! Learn how we are succeeding in this with marketing automation.

Selling houses with marketing automation

A couple of months ago, we met our new client Revive. This expert in building residential areas, needed an online and offline strategy for their housing project Pier Kornel. Goal: sell as many houses as possible. Selling houses online demands a totally different approach than selling average products. We knew that. Therefore, we chose marketing automation as our partner in crime to get this job done!

Sharpspring: marketing automation tool

Our strategy needed many channels to thrive to its full potential. For online channels, we used the all-in-one tool Sharpspring. Why? Three reasons: With Sharpspring, we could manage the different channels from one centralised hub. Furthermore, this tool tracked potential customers and told us how they came in touch with Pier Kornel online. Thanks to their lead scoring system, it was easy to overview all potential customers. Lastly, Sharpspring is a marketing automation tool. It replaces manual tasks with automated solutions which is way more efficient and perfect for big projects like these.

Based on all the information Sharpspring gathered, we were able to build automation rules. These rules connected all our channels and formed a funnel / customer journey. This means that we got an understanding of how people buy houses online and what content they need depending on how close they are to purchasing.

If potential clients were interested in reading a brochure, they would receive an automatic email with the brochure, personalised to the housing type of their choice. If they were further in the funnel and ready to be contacted, they were connected to the sales department. They had, thanks to Sharpspring, data at their disposal about each individual. We knew exactly where every person was located in the customer journey. Therefore we were able to send the right content at the right time!

As this campaign has just begun, it’s too soon to deliver results about this case. We can only mention that we are on track and our monthly KPIs are being reached! More information in the future.