What's better than interactive and dynamic Instagram stories to give your audience inspiration? Discover how we made our audience play with Netflix Characters.

Interactive Instagram stories

Instagram users swipe through an incredible number of stories every single day. So, how do brands stand out of the crowd then? To solve this problem, Pivott figured out a dynamic solution to make the Proximus’ stories involving and memorable for all viewers. The result? Interactive Instagram stories literally making people play with the ads and their favourite Netflix series.

The product we’re trying to highlight here is the ‘Tuttimus pack’, which is the perfect solution for everyone who has cartoons addicted kids, loves watching sports or is a Netflix-addict all the way. The goal of this campaign was to let people discover (in a dynamic way) that they could watch all their favourite programs with just one subscription. Based on numbers and insights, the creative process started with two fundamental basics:

1) Both Millennials and Generation X spend more than 6 hours per week on Instagram. 2) Interactive contents are usually remembered for a longer time. Pivott divided - as always - the campaign into an awareness, consideration and conversion phase where we focussed mainly on the first two. To attract the attention and keep it in the first phase, we worked with famous and recognizable characters and series of the platform such as La Casa De Papel. (Who could ever forget having stolen money with The professor, Tokyo and Rio?)

After playing with the stories, viewers and players could consider the offer thanks to the pancarte leading them towards the offer with a swipe-up. (Every “Luke Cage” fan would love to put a smile on Luke’s face by nursing his injuries!)

As the results showed us the great power of engaging ads, we are certain that this won’t be our last trial with interactive Instagram stories.