What's better than a Christmas game to make your clients have fun while trying to win amazing prizes? Look at the creative game Pivott created for Proximus.

Creative Facebook live contest

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells rock! Understandably, the end of the year is a very busy season on social media. Every other brand is trying to scream louder than its competitors. This year, Proximus decided to experiment with a new way to hand out Christmas gifts through its Facebook page, namely a live reactions contest. Want to discover how they played Santa? Read on!


Proximus had assembled a big bag of Christmas presents and wanted a contest solution that would drive engagement and brand awareness in a fun and creative way. Maybe you’ve noticed that live videos playing with Facebook reactions are all the rage lately? With that trend in mind, we imagined an original social sweepstake involving a Facebook livestream. We achieved this creative use of Facebook’s live feature by using free streaming software paired with a live reactions poll, creating an impressive puzzle comprising hundreds of tiny images representing Facebook live reactions. But what kind of hidden presents lay behind this funny-looking mosaic? The first person to guess right in the comments would win the gift!

A simple but smart mechanism

To make the tiny pictures disappear and reveal the hidden present, the live video viewers had to react with the selected Facebook reactions. As everyone was limited to one reaction, people had to wait for more and more people to join in and react so that the background image would become more and more visible. All you need to nail this kind of contest is a graphic designer (for a kick-ass background image) and a community manager (living on black coffee). And some technical knowledge of video software. Or you can give Pivott a call of course!