Pivott made a broken glass become fun with its client Car Glass. Read how we set up an original Car Glass' game to celebrate the 30 years company's anniversary.

30 years campaign

Carglass recently turned 30 and they wanted to have an exceptional campaign to celebrate their anniversary. They turned to Pivott for the execution of it and we gladly accepted their offer. By making use of a ‘flip the funnel’-strategy in combination with the “see, think, do, care” model, we came up with a successful digital-only campaign. A big part of this campaign was the game we created: a whack-a-mole kind of game, to let people discover Carglass in a fun and exciting way.

Reach your customers

The game alone wasn’t enough to celebrate this festive anniversary. We decided to make four weeks worth of content to boost the presence of Carglass on social media. This was new for them, because until then, they spent most of their media budget on traditional media. They wanted a digital transformation and that’s exactly what they got.

Publishing the content on social media as well as on the ambassador-platform ‘Social Seeder’, through newsletters and the Carglass-website itself, proved to be very successful. Different formats were used to have some variation in the content, which resulted in an engaged audience. Next to our Facebook live stream, we also used video pre rolls on Youtube, regular videos, Facebook filters, retargeting on Facebook, Instagram stories, carhacks and even B2B communication on LinkedIn.

Want to play a game?

It was noticeable that our most successful posts were the ones revealing one of the 30 prizes players of the game could win. For example, iPhone lovers were targeted with an ‘A chance to win the iPhone X’-ad, while roadtrippers got the ad ‘Win a roadtrip through the USA’. Cool prizes, right? After we did some tests and got insights out of them, we boosted the best performing posts a little bit more to get the most out of our budget.

Hard work pays off

After 4 weeks of running this campaign, we got some very good results. We reached an amount of 1.5 million people, the game was played 37.996 times and Carglass got 20.459 opt-ins for their newsletter. In total, 17.729 people clicked on the post that linked to the game. We got these results because of organic reach, the virality of the game, word of mouth, ambassadorship and a crazy amount of social shares.