Personalised content and AI tools were key topics of the latest event Pivotters attended: the Rentree. Here's what we learned about the last marketing trends.

The Rentree : 5 lessons learned

During this third edition of The Rentree, a lof of digital novelties were presented to a select group of marketeers. Lucky you, 'cause we'll show you an exclusive glimpse of 5 amazing discoveries we did!

Data driven out of home advertising becomes reality in Belgium. A collaboration between Clear Channel and Pivott has led to machine inspired marketing. With their product ‘Switch’ you will be able to display OOH using different targeting factors: from demographics and location to event targeting or weather. But, you know what’s even better? Upload your custom CRM data to make the creatives even more relevant to the target audience of your brand. The future of customized marketing looks bright if you ask us.

Chatbots are already reducing costs of customer agents, salesmen, marketeers… etc by helping them with their daily actions. Oswald claims that talking to a computer – using a chatbot – feels very intuitive to a lot of customers. To make this chatbot even more human, Oswald uses AI and machine learning to understand what you’re saying, asking or demanding. Trained with real-world natural language it will be able to understand us more fluently than any other chatbot has ever done before.

Selma.ai – an AI-based product – transforms information into insights and eventually action. Combining customer data from all over the place (website, mailings, transactions, …) it creates predictions and suggestions about which customer cluster to target for which product at a certain time. Random mail-to-all becomes history, behavior-predictions reality. 

Hurray for 87 Seconds! If advertisement is personalised, then video should be too, right? One generic video can contain endless inserts of personalised data. What if your name is written on the videos’ thumbnail? You’d definitely watch it! A video for energy supplier Lampiris resulted in 98% of the viewers watching it until the end. Up to 100.000 videos and more can be personalized at the same time driven by your own CRM. That’s a ‘wow’ from us!

Looking for a quick, fun and entertaining way to draw the attention? LiLiCAST teaches us how to turn our voice into short, animated podcasts in no time. Speaking is one of the most important ways to tell a story, yet using it on digital media channels is often a true catastrophe. Videos work, but result in a high cost of production. LiLiCAST takes our short attention span into account by allowing us to be present on all social medias with eye-catching one-minute videos.