Page Speed, what is it exactly and why is it important? Read all about it here and discover our tips & tricks to get closer to that frictionless digital environment.

A frictionless experience starts with page speed

Whether we like it or not, the end of the COVID-19 era is not yet visible. Though this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You might find yourself having more time to do all those things you’ve been postposting for weeks or even months. So here’s one thing that should be on that list if you have a website: did you check up on your site speed lately? Well now is the time!

Imagine going to a store to buy a vacuum cleaner. You know it’s a trustworthy store and they’ll advise you on the best vacuum cleaner for your budget and preferences. It doesn’t seem busy inside, yet in the end you’ve been waiting by the counter for 20 minutes before someone shows up to help you out. 20 minutes! The amount of time you had planned from stepping inside the shop to stepping outside with your purchase. Will this affect your view on this store’s customer service? On its quality? Would you in reality even still be inside after 15 min or did you already leave? Probably yes and yes. 


We don’t like waiting. Customers are used to the ever evolving world of technology and the perks it brings with it. This translates itself in all directions and thus also impacts consumers expectations. Nowadays we are curious, demanding and have little to no patience.1 week delivery? We’ll just find a shop who can do it faster. Paying for delivery? We’ll find one who does it for free. Convenience is key. And it’s the same thing for your site speed. Why wait for your site to load when others can be faster, quicker, easier? One second extra and you might lose your customer. Oh and if you thought I was only talking about desktop, guess what, it goes for all devices.  


It all falls into the broader sense of a frictionless environment. Never heard of it? Here’s how Google’s describing it: “A seamless end-to-end (mobile) shopping experience”. An undeniable trend that’ll become indispensable and not to be ignored if you want to stay in the game. Of course a frictionless experience asks for more than just an optimised site speed, but you gotta start somewhere, right? 

Don’t believe us? Let’s Google that for you! Research from Google shows that:



Even more, the latest research update from Google shows that…

These are all possible conversions you are missing out on. And that’s looking at people that already ended up on your website. Did you know that Google also takes into account your site speed? Page speed is a ranking factor for Google results! And it even influences your Google Ad rank as well as the CPC you pay.

Well they might punish you for it (the slow site speed that is), but Google also gives you a hand in fixing it. So here are two tools to use in this case:




Of course the task doesn’t stop with simply testing. It’s time to get your hands dirty. So here are some extra tips & tricks to set into action what Google might advise you. Note: the following tools require some basic knowledge in HTML, WordPress, plugins, coding,… So if that sounds a bit too much for you, just forward these to your developer. And if in any way you could use some help, you know where to find us: info@pivott.be.



So what are you waiting for? No time to rest on your laurels! Make your site speed as fast as Speedy Gonzales with these tips & tricks.