Discover nice apps to use in times of Corona/COVID-19. This pandemic impacts us all in our daily life. We made a recap of the best free apps you can use to get in touch with your friends without meeting up.

COVID-19: 6 apps to make the lockdown easier

2020 will be remembered as the “coronavirus year”, this pandemic impacts us all in our daily life. The quarantine imposed can be complicated for some people. But fortunately, we have found the best applications to survive the lockdown!

Since the confinement began, our social life has gone digital. And, let’s be honest, it’s crap. We do it because we have to, but we are all missing friends and family, barbecues and cafés, cinemas and restaurants, … Luckily we are in the 21stcentury and social media is the best invention EVER! We made a recap of the best apps you can use to get in touch with your friends (without seeing them).

You had a big party planned with all your friends this weekend, but COVID-19 messed up your plans? It’s still possible! With this app you can live chat & even play games with your friends and the friends of your friends. You can “change room” to speak with other people and meet the ones you don’t know. 

Quick tip: turn the notifications down during the day or you’ll have the “One of your friends is in the house” every ten minutes and it’s already hard enough to focus on homeworking…

Psychologists are already pointing out the danger of stress and anxiety during this COVID-19 crisis. But let’s look at it from a bright side: if you wanted to pick up meditation or breathing exercises for a while, now is the time more than ever! Take care of your body and your mind. The app CALM offers some exercises to help you out. While the app is mostly with premium content they did the effort to create extra content to support a healthy world: https://bit.ly/2QCo5hB

This app is perfect to stay in touch in a playful way. You create a group with your friends, your coworkers, your family, as you wish. With some funny games to play together like “selfie time”, “sketchy” or “battle words”. It’s also possible to vote for the person of the week according to some crazy criteria or to make a ranking of who is going to buy an electric bike first, for example. Of course, there is a chat integrated for all your jokes. 

Quick tip: unfortunately, there is a bug on the Iphones for the selfie time. Just take your selfie with the regular camera and upload it when time is up! No problems, just solutions!

You’re missing your friends and all the fun you had together? Keep playing with them! A lot of games are accessible online via an app or via their website so you can play with your friends from each other’s home. 

Here are some example:
Loup Garou

Netflix Party allows you to stream a movie or a serie with your friends. You can interact thanks to a live chat! The best alternative since the movie theaters are closed. 

Quick tip: Nope, you can’t use it if you don’t have a Netflix account, sorry folks you’ll have to pay…

For a lot, coronavirus meant homeworking. And we know how difficult it is to focus while you’re at home, with children, with your friends on Whatsapp or with your bed nearby… This app is here to help you focus and to not touch your phone while working. It works like this: whenever you want to focus on your work, plant a tree. Every 30 mins, one tree will be grown. But it will be killed if you leave the app. They actually plant real trees! 707 901 new trees on earth, to be exact. So no more excuses, save the planet and work!