Going to the "Digital first" was for our team of Pivotters a good source inspiration. In here you can read the digital trends for 2019 we learned at the event.

Digital First: 5 Lessons Learned

Connecting experts, leaders, actors and innovators of the digital sector: ‘Digital First’ was a must-see for us Pivotters! This digital event took place on the 17th and the 18th of October and had a 2-day agenda full of conferences and international networking. Curious about what went down? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a little recap of the two days.

We were very interested in what “mom I’m fine”-guy (Jonathan Kubben Quinonez) could tell us about his journey. He stated that influencer marketing is a sort of revolution, going through different stages.

“When I first talked to my parents about travelling for myself (not as a job) and the creative idea of mom I’m fine, they first thought it was ridiculous. This because ‘I would need a decent job’ and those were just ridiculous dreams. Nowadays, it’s logic for them and a lot of other people.” He inspired us with a really nice story and we’ll definitely keep an eye on him.

When thinking about social media, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube automatically pop into our minds. But with 2 billion searches each month, people hungry for stories and discoveries, Pinterest must not be forgotten!

New features and opportunities of the platform were brought up such as ‘Flashlight’ and ‘Lens’. Guess we know what we’ll be using in the near future!

We see you binge watching, millennials! The average time spent on Netflix each day is 100 minutes. Can you imagine? Native Nation highlighted some things to keep in mind when creating engaging content for them youngsters:

Do NOT make videos where you say “Hi guys. We are awesome”, but prove your awesomeness by interacting with people and/or our own product. Videos are one of the best ways to do so, but keeping them fresh and fun is not always easy. StoryMe hooked us up with some insights.

A new trend for 2019 for example is to make use of your time on platforms, this means: uploading long form videos on IG TV, using Facebook TV, different Youtube formats, etc. Don’t just give them the main message, give them a true story they can live for.

As innovators ourselves, we would love to see the presence of other platforms, techniques and innovative brands even more. But nevertheless: Digital First is an event loved by every digitally interested person and a breeding ground for people looking for some good old fashioned networking. We learned a lot in these two days meaning you can count on our presence again in 2019! See you then!