Digital marketing in times of Corona/COVID-19. Where to start, what to do? Invest in digital or completely not at all? Here are our 3 tips of what companies and brands should be doing now.

COVID19: Brands should start spring cleaning

Now that most of the companies are in lockdown, it’s sure that this has and will have a severe impact on business. While most of them are setting up crisis meetings on where to cut budgets to save their business, it should not be a discussion to fully cut your marketing budgets.

Whilst audiences explode on social media since the confinement, the context to advertisement has changed and audiences react differently to “commercial messaging” that is not meaningful or helpful. This being a wise but strange advice from a digital marketing agency. Although we live from marketing budgets, it’s only smart to just shut up now and not take advantage of this situation. Now we just need support from each other.

But have you considered the fact that the impact will be even bigger when you aren’t preparing the company for a relaunch after the crisis? Are you thinking future proof or still very busy with your day to day tasks in trying to solve the inevitable loss of yesterday? 


We believe it’s time to do some spring cleaning. Like a good spring cleaning, we have 3 easy steps that companies can do to be prepared for the future. 

Go back to the essence of your business. Keep what’s important and throw away the clutter. It’s time to rethink your “why”. Why are you in this business and what aspects of your company are not serving the “why”? Well, time to get rid of those things. 


Prepare your company for a relaunch that is serving this “why”. Since no one really knows until when we all remain in lockdown, it’s hard to estimate an exact date for the relaunch of your business. COVID-19 is like a reset button that was used, so use this info to act accordingly. Consumers will look totally different to the world of tomorrow, after the crisis. So, if tomorrow they decide we could all go to work again, is your company then ready to push the button of its first postcorona campaign? 

Take time to organise what matters, for example your data. It’s not a secret that first party data will become more important with future regulations. So, how will quality matter over quantity? And how will you segment your future audiences? What audience segments really matter? 


Consider alternative ways to get more 1st party data in. What isn’t available on your website today to get leads in? Did you think of possibilities to add brochure downloads, to chat with the support team, add popups or how to get more newsletter subscribers in,…? And what about your retention strategy?


Focus on building or improving the user experience of your webshop. It’s time to do some major renovations. Did you check the loading speed of your website lately? And did anyone even check SEO in the past 6 months? When people are looking for specific information, how many clicks does it take before they can access this info? Maybe one click too many, don’t you think? 


And last but not least, prepare your company for personalisation. If you are using segments now, why don’t you work with dynamic web pages and personalised content? 

Cleaning top to bottom will help you clean your home in the most efficient way. Start with the top shelves … ah no, that was one of the real tips for spring cleaning. Consider this then as a general tip, rework your business from top to bottom. Involve everyone in finding future proof solutions, you might be surprised how inventive people can be when running on survival mode. 


Need some support to be ready for a postcovid-19 era, just give us a call.