Ran out of ideas to create thumb-stopping power for your content? Read our 5 creative tips to boost your copywriting skills and write a killer text.

5 tips to write a killer copy

According to Facebook research, people are only spending an average of 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile compared to the 2.5 seconds on desktop. Also, 13-17 year olds consume a text twice as fast as 55-64 year olds. So how to shine and have thumb-stopping power in this frenetic social media world? Our dearest colleague Olivier, a strategic mind always speaking to the right audience, gave us his top 5 tips to boost our copy.

Decide on a person who characterises your audience and write like you’re speaking with her or him. This will help you a lot in creating a good connection with your readers.
If you have more than one target then set up different ads for different people: tailor your ad campaign to your audience segment with separate ads…you’ll see the results!

We all have our own style, tone and distinctive characteristics. Don’t be afraid of spreading your uniqueness all over your copies! If you use the same style across all your channels your audience will recognise your messages no matter where they read it.

Lots of researches proved that the visuals have more thumb-stopping power than the copies. As a matter of fact, it often happens that the only reason a person starts reading a content is because of the interesting image next to it. That’s why your copy and image should always individually tell your story but also complement each other.

Chose one call-to-action and write it in the most catchy way you find. Everyone would just run far away from your page by noticing too many call-to-actions all together like “Shop now! Connect here! Learn more!”.
What’s more, mentioning prices (when appropriate) in your text can motivate people to click on your call-to-action’s link and to buy.

Decide on the one thing you want people to know and say that. Too many information will make your audience bored and unfocused. A little trick to catch people’s attention is to include in your content a timeframe that indicates time. For example, using words or sentences like “today”, “now” or “this week” adds a sense of urgency.

Last but not least: never stop testing, and your copy will never stop improving!