Email is still a valuable source to generate revenue from. Interested in improving this channel? Follow these great tips for email marketing and lift your campaigns to a higher level!


The amount of revenue being earned by email marketing is remarkable. Result? You just can’t close your eyes anymore for the importance of it. What are you doing to keep up with your competitors on the market? Carmen, passionate about email marketing at Pivott, sheds a light on 5 tips to create great mailing campaigns.

Can you catch it? The attention of your fans? The title needs to create a desire to read in just a second. It’s becoming the main stumbling block for many advertisers. Pivott’s tips: make it urgent, tell a joke, tease the sh*t out of that line, be loud and keep it snappy! Just a few words should be able to tell your story. So… just. Do. it.

You think you know them by now, but you don’t. A/B testing is an absolute must to guarantee optimisation. The market starts to get saturated with creative mails coming their way, but which ones do work best? Test!

Triggered and automated marketing campaigns are the future, so you’d better start now! Did you just posted a new blog article? Or did someone just subscribed or celebrated their birthday? Reward every action with a short, relevant and mostly rewarding message.

Who are your ambassadors? When are they opening your message? Sending your emails when it suits you is sooo 2018. Analyse your campaigns and discuss them with your team. From copy to content to timings to receivers: reporting your results will get you much further than you’d ever expected.

Yes, we know you want to send a monthly mail with the latest updates, news, products, prices, blogs, employees, etc included. But, no. Just one. One main CTA at the first glimpse of an eye, sending them towards one main landing page. Smaller CTA can be mentioned at the bottom, but can’t draw too much of the attention