Finding brilliant ideas is not always an easy task. Follow our digital creative's tips to make your creativity reach a higher level.

5 Creativity boosters by a digital native

Born as a digital native, our dearest colleague Nicky reveals her smartest tips to stay creative in this never-sleeping world. From brainstorming to stalking colleagues: her tricks might just help you getting through the day.

If it’s not working out for a moment, don’t force it. Try to shift to another task or project or take a little walk: clearing your mind from all the clutter, unplugging for a moment. A breath of fresh air can make a huge difference. Often we sit way too long at our desks.

Keep in mind there are no bad ideas. If you want a huge pink unicorn, that’s perfectly fine, at least in the first phase of brainstorming ;-). Later you can filter or adapt everything that’s on the table.

Find some inspiration elsewhere. I don’t believe in copying ideas, but seeing other successful campaigns can trigger your creativity. One of the platforms I go to for inspiration is webbyawards.com or shortyawards.com.

Music! For me music does a lot, it can really give me a kickstart in the morning. Music empowers you, it can really boost your mood and creativity. Even Steve Jobs used to work this way! If it works for him and me, it might for you too.

I get a lot of inspiration from my colleagues. Searching for inspiration online or in real life can help, but sometimes you’re too close to the subject or you’ve already spent too much time on it, exhausting your creativity. Talk to your colleagues, brainstorm together with them. You’ll be surprised how they can also help you bringing that creative spark back.